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TL-2 MASH 1 water filled barriers
Ricochet™ TL-2 Water Filled Barriers
Ricochet™ TL-2 Water Filled Barriers have been designed in NZ to meet the specific requirements of the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM).
Refer to NZTA link:
Ricochet™ TL-2 Water Filled Barriers are tested to AASHTO MASH-1 standard and are rated for TL-2 (70 km/h). The dimension of each barrier is 2000x1000x580mm (LxHxW) and have a pin to pin length of 1.7m when inter-connected. Each barrier has an empty weight of 62kg and filled weight of 660kg.
The required end treatments consist of two barriers and one cap providing a flat end surface allowing safety delineation to be attached to the end treatment. The end treatments must not be filled with water.
The Ricochet™ TL-2 Water Filled Barrier is designed to be used to improve the safety of both motorists and workers in and around road works.
The Ricochet™ TL-2 Water Filled Barriers are made in New Zealand providing fast supply for our customers and customisation with branding and colour (orange used in roading situations). Each barrier has a drain point on each side allowing water to be drained safely without entering live traffic lanes, and the fill point is designed so water can be sucked out if required. Each barrier also has two 25mm mounting holes in the top that allow for screens to be installed removing the distraction of drivers looking into work zones.
With the height of the barrier being 1m (to conform to CoPTTM section B6) additional safety fencing may not be required to be installed on the work site behind the barriers as it might with other barrier products.
Ricochet™ TL-2 Water Filled Barriers must be installed in accordance with the requirements set down in the product and installation manual. A copy of this manual is provided with all barriers and further copies can be requested.